Helen Rudy


Bright colors and graceful patterns hallmark Helen

Rudy's unique style – a style you will love to showcase.

Each crisp and clean design reveals global influences

and modern flare. Helen's attention to color, detail, lay-

ering, and saturation highlight the interplay of light on



Almost entirely self-taught, Helen's method involves

measuring and hand-cutting each piece of glass. By

layering many different colors on top of each other,she

creates a bright and bold design.
Her design is then fired in a kiln to 1460˚ in order to fuse

together. Often a second, third, or fourth firing is needed

to shape the final piece. Through this unique process,

Helen may work with the glass in the kiln for several

days before the final, one-of-a-kind piece emerges.


Philabaum Gallery Tucson, AZ 

Chasen Gallery  Richmond, VA 

Fusion Gallery  Seaside, FL

Fusion Gallery  Sandestin, FL

Denver Art Museum Denver, CO

Gallery of Fine Art Palm Desert, CA

Loveland Sculpture In the Park Loveland, CO

Beaver Creek Arts Festival Beaver Creek, CO


Helen has learned her technique one disaster or beauti-

ful miracle at a time. She has also attended workshops

with Milon Townsend and Lisa Voigt, and has studied

Pate De Verre with Alicia Lomne at the Pilchuck School

of Glass.
In 2011, she learned casting with Anna Boothe. Helen’s

commissions include structural glass panels, light fixtures

and glass furniture from clients in the US, Europe,

South America, and Australia.
She was recently honored with a commission by the

board of directors of the Denver Art Museum to create

glass tributes honoring the museum’s benefactors.


2014 Niche Awards Finalist

2015 Niche Awards Finalist

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